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The idea of RANKING TENNIS CLUB was born in 2012 in a conversation between tennis playing friends after a match.

In the city, there were a lot of amateur tennis players, students, teachers and coaches who would like to put together a ranking pyramid of challenges among friends, but there was no one to be responsible for the system.

To create an email group, to monitor the challenges of each period, to compile the results into spreadsheets, and to publicise the new ranking, it was hard work and took time and responsibility. The spreadsheets helped, but did not fully release the administrators. Dedication was needed.

And if a teacher or club wanted to form different rankings for different target groups at various levels, such as children, youth, women, veterans, etc, it would be impossible to manage it all.

The result was inevitable: few rankings functioning effectively and many tennis players wanting to create one, but few had the availability of time required to manage a ranking of challenges.

Thus, a group of amateur tennis players, software engineers, IT professionals and programmers got together and formed the RANKING TENNIS CLUB.

A complete system that will unite all amateur tennis players, teachers, students and tennis lovers within a single social network. Here you can get to know tennis players from around the world and add them as friends, chat with them, post photos and videos, and even schedule an international match on your travels.

And in the Challenges Pyramid Ranking, any user can create their own group and it will all work automatically, without any interference needed from the creator or administrators whose only job will be that of mediating conflicts, which, let`s face it, in this gentleman`s sport, are a rare thing. But even so, if the administrator chooses not to interfere in the conflict, the system takes over according to predefined rules and the ranking moves on.

Among many existing ranking systems, we chose the challenges, for being more attractive and fun. Too many settings and different rules could make the system too complicated and that is not our goal. Therefore, we chose the model that best fits the profile of the amateur tennis player, and we applied some settings so that each group has some customised preferences.

It`s totally free. Our goal is to provide a tool that helps us to love this wonderful sport more and more, and we can interact among ourselves, have fun, and help to spread tennis more and more.

Until the system is fully tested, errors may occur. If you come across any, please help us improve our system and send an e-mail to

RANKING TENNIS CLUB is yours, it is ours, spread the word to your friends and help it keep working and improving every day.

And let`s play!

If you have any questions or suggestions, or you want to help us to translate it into your language, please contact us. We will respond as soon as possible.